LS Escape Catamaran sea / river hybrid electric solar hydrojet- house boat.

LS Escape - Price from 250 000 € Excl. Tax

You dream of escape and discover beautiful regions through the Fjords, the canals and the most beautiful cities in Europe, sailing on the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic.


Our catamaran LS escape is the solar hybrid catamaran ideal for a new life.

The hydrojet propulsion mode is suitable for novices for maximum ease of maneuvering without bow thrusters.


A comfortable residential house at the same time as a means of pleasant displacement, as well on rivers and canals as at sea.

Totally autonomous in energy and water it allows you to do cabotage where you want as long as you want.

Its propulsion mode makes it possible to sail up to 7 knots in solar electric hybrid without any fuel consumption.


It is adapted to the cold weather as well as to the high temperatures apart from maximum insulation.

Hybrid heating uses solar energy and generator heat to produce heat, so all energy is used.

Its unique coating guarantees a resistance to any test, you do not have to worry about painting again.

No more antifouling, no more fairing requirements that require the boat to go out thanks to our patented system.


Equipped with a large rear terrace protected by solar panels and its pergola effect you will be protected from rain and sun.

The boat is WALKAROUND to have a peripheral access, 2 side doors wheelhouse and a large bay window at the back.

A sunbath and the front lounge with retractable table to enjoy the beautiful sunny days.


LS Escape 11, an autonomous hybrid studio goes everywhere.

The LS Escpape 11 is an ideal studio for 2 to 6 people.

A living space of full-foot with dining room equipped kitchen, a picture window giving on the terrace, sheltered by the solar panels.

A sunbath and its lounge for sunny days, a room owner, bathroom, separate toilet with wheelhouse.

The hulls are used for all technical equipment, in the front they can accommodate 2 single beds.

The living room converts into a double bed for a total of 6 people on the boat in navigation.

It is adapted to the size of the Canal du Midi without having to dismount the wheelhouse thanks to a weak draft.

Its width of 4 meters allows the passage in the smaller channels and able to navigate in coastal.


LS Escape 11


Hull length 36" 

Hull beam 13" 

Draft 2’

Weight approx. 17 600 lb

Engine diesel electric hybrid solar 2 x 26 kW

Max. speed 12 kN 

CE-Norm Cat. B/4 or C/8

Fuel tank  2 x 265 gal.


LS Escape 15, an autonomous loft with generous spaces.

The LS Escape 15 is a real loft for 2 people all comforts.
It has all the options of the LS Escape range with generous volumes of living space.


LS Escape 15


Hull length 49" 

Hull beam 17"

Draft 2’

Weight approx. 26 400 lb

Engine diesel electric hybrid solar 2 x 40 kW

Max. speed 12 kN 

CE-Norm Cat. B/4 or C/8

Fuel tank  2 x 265 gal.


LS Escape 15 High Space - The catamaran sea / fluvial large autonomous format.

The LS Escpape 15 is a real residential house for 8 people all comforts enjoying large spaces of lives.

It is equipped with ballast to reduce the air draft of 3.7 to 3.4 m automatically to pass the bridges of the channels.

Owner's room in the starboard hull with multiple storage, private bathroom with shower and toilet, office, dressing.

The port hull is equipped with 2 double bedrooms, 2 bunk beds, a desk or dressing room, a bathroom with shower and toilet.

On the deck before a lounge with retractable table, sunbathing and multiple storage chests.

A wheelhouse with 180 ° view, 2 side doors, 2 seats, large cockpit and a double bench.

A living room, dining room and fully equipped kitchen, a bay window overlooking a large terrace of 12.5 m² sheltered by solar panels effect pergola.

INT 11
INT 10

LS Escape 15 High Space


Hull length 49" 

Hull beam 17"

Draft 2’ to 2.9'

Weight approx. 40 000 lb

Engine diesel electric hybrid solar 2 x 100 kW

Max. speed 12 kN 

CE-Norm Cat. B/6 or C/11

Fuel tank  2 x 660 gal.