The ecological boat of the future full hybrid


An exploration vessel worthy of the name must also be discreet when approaching large open spaces.

The LS Secure is a unique, ecological, durable and safe boat, designed to meet the different issues of today's and tomorrow's boats.

With eco-design pushed to its limits, the LS Secure is an integral part of our strategy of respecting and protecting our environment.

With a strong aluminum shell, the LS Secure has the advantage of being recyclable, ultra light, comfortable, aesthetic and safe.
Its full inner and outer armor gives it an unprecedented lifespan of more than 30 years with the aim of:
- 0 PAINTING: for an economic gain in the short, medium and long term.

- 0 ANTIFOULING: for the eradication of the harmful effect of toxic chemicals for marine life and for humans, such as the different solvents used and the active molecules of the new antifoulings.

Its 100% natural ceramic coating replaces the old techniques of foam insulation to reduce the weight of the LS Secure, the possible condensation, eliminate thermal bridges and thus gain in place, volume and get better insulation.

Its innovative engine has been designed to allow considerable relief in terms of maintenance (standard maintenance, oil ...).

The LS Secure is therefore an ecological boat whose construction, use and recycling are optimized from the point of view of respect for the environment, with a view to sustainable development.