The fishing boat of the future
Longliners - Seiner - Trawler - Fileyer - Freight - Shuttles

The LS Secure Fishing is an innovative ship, with a length of 15-60 meters, which can meet the current challenges of rising costs of energy, fishing quotas, bonds to minimize the impact on the fishing community.

Current aging fishing vessels, are reaching their limits, especially with the rising cost of fuel but also with the establishment of a regulatory framework on emmisions greenhouse gases.

Always safer, more efficient, more economical and more environmentally friendly.

We meet the demand for all shipowners.

Destined for careers in industrial or industrial fishing, transport of passengers or goods or towing services to the offshore oil and gas, dredging or scientific research, state action at sea or inland waterways, sea rescue or pollution control, it is what characterizes LUXURY SEA boats.

Our diesel-electric hybrid hydrogen engine uses sea water as fuel to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to 70%.

Lightweight, strong, durable in time, easy to repair and maintain, aluminum is the indispensable material of choice for the construction of ships.

Aluminum also offers the advantage of unparalleled durability.
Little maintenance is required and the structure does not deteriorate over the years.
An aluminum vessel has no life limit.

Another major asset, aluminum remarkably resistant to corrosion.
Aluminum boats are extremely durable and retain their resale value, because the structure does not wear out and will not deteriorate over time.

A very good ecological balance! unlike the composite, aluminum is fully recyclable at end of life.
In addition, it generates little secondary pollution due to the low maintenance it requires.

The MONOCAT has a better passage over a rough sea that existing ships, and this at all speeds.

In calm weather, speed and behavior are comparable to a catamaran, formed by sea but its speed is higher than that of a monohull, which itself dominates the catamaran.

The MONOCAT form causes milder moves than any other type of vessel, working comfort on the rear platform, even in bad weather.

MIG 3000- 01.jpg
MIG 3000- 01.jpg

MIG 3000-07.jpg
MIG 3000-07.jpg

MIG 3000-03.jpg
MIG 3000-03.jpg

MIG 3000- 01.jpg
MIG 3000- 01.jpg